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Why you should use iMacMailer

  • iMacMailer delivers nearly 100% of your messages to Inboxes – If used with Amazon SES, iMacMailer delivers nearly 100% of your mass email messages to recipient’s Inboxes and not to their Spam folders.
  • Mass mailing done with iMacMailer and Amazon SES is very cheap – iMacMailer doesn’t involve any monthly and annual fees, so you pay only once for the version you have, and you use it for as long as you want. Amazon SES is also very cheap. You pay per gigabytes of transfer and not per messages sent, which translates to literally pennies.
  • FREE and paid SMTP accounts can also be used in iMacMailer – You can use any number of FREE and paid SMTP email accounts in iMacMailer to deliver your messages. Free Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN and AOL email accounts are supported as well as all paid bulk-email accounts.
  • iMacMailer removes bad addresses automatically – Often people abandon their mailboxes, or leave non-existent email addresses when they subscribe. iMacMailer takes care of that and removes the addresses that cause bounce backs (messages from MAILER-DAEMON) automatically.
  • iMacMailer fully automates subscription and unsubscription – The new people who want to join your email lists will be added automatically, and the ones who want to leave will be able to do it by themselves without your intervention.
  • iMacMailer lets you personalize your messages – You can use personal salutations in your messages and reference personal details such as names, phone numbers, order numbers, birthdays and so on.

More reasons to use iMacMailer

  • iMacMailer works with multiple email lists – You can create as many email lists as you need. Every email list can hold recipients and messages, and can be fully customized. You can open, keep open and work with as many email lists as you like at the same time.
  • iMacMailer supports Quick Search and Filtering – You can quickly search your email lists for specific people, and filter out the unnecessary ones. You can also easily create new filtered lists based on your search criteria.
  • iMacMailer can import people from anywhere – You can import people from your Address Book, and you can get them from any file and application you have on your Mac.
  • It’s easy to customize your lists in iMacMailer – You can add new data fields to your database to hold extra pieces of personal information, and you can reference personal details such as names, order numbers and birthdays in your messages. You can also change the way your email lists are sorted and displayed.
  • iMacMailer is extremely easy to learn and use – iMacMailer features the same great user interface as Mac Mail. It looks and feels the same way, and that’s why you do not have to learn how to operate it. If you know how to use Mac Mail, you know how to use iMacMailer.

Introducing iMacMailer…

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