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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks – How To Increase Sales By 5x Times And More

Having a great high-quality product is good, but knowing how to sell it is much better. Email marketing lets you increase sales by 5x times and more without improving your product, literally in a couple of weeks. This article will help you to discover the power of email marketing, and will teach you how to do it in a right way. Many people who tried email marketing before describe it as a complicated process with tons of pitfalls, but as you read, you will find out that in the reality it’s as simple as 1, 2 and 3!

Mass Email Software – Five Must-Have Elements To Look For from a Mass Email Service

It might be very hard to reach the bottom of all the hoopla and misinformation when learning about the elements inside your upcoming mass email service. Finding internet sites that market mass email software is simple…there are a number of them out there…but finding out what exactly you need in your software can be pretty overwhelming (the truth is, decoding the rosetta stone would probably turn out to be easier)! Continue reading to learn what attributes a mass email service should have…and the reasons you want them!

Mass Email Marketing: Why You Need Fantastic Mailing List Software

Although the primary benefit to mass email marketing is sales and promotion, there’s also an added benefit of market analysis. This article details the reasons why you need a mass email marketing software and what is it’s main purpose.

Email Sender Pitfalls: How to Avoid The “Junk Mail” Box When Using Your Mass Email Service

I think most of us can agree that there are far too many “spray-and-forget” emails floating around out there. The good news is that spam filters have become pretty darned sophisticated and, when set up correctly, catch most spam messages. The bad news is that sometimes they filter the wrong emails: your legitimate “opted-in” emails that potential (or active) customers have asked to receive.  In this article we’re going to walk through some of the common pitfalls that an email sender makes and how you can avoid them.

Mailing List Software: What A Car Sales Person Can Teach Us About Mass Email Marketing

There are a lot of informative articles about mailing list software on the internet that sing the many praises of mass email marketing and why you should do it. And while mass email marketing IS an extremely effective method of building a client base, and the mailing list software that you choose IS incredibly important… this article isn’t really about either of these things. This article focuses on one specific technique that ALL successful email marketers use to their advantage. Their secret weapon? The follow up.

Mass Email Service: Why You Should Be Mass Email Marketing

There are a lot of reasons why you should be using a mass email service…especially if you are already using other forms of marketing, like PPC, Radio, Television and printed media. The main reason that most content seems to focus on is the lower cost of marketing and higher Return-On-Investment (ROI). And while these certainly help your bottom line, there are quite a few more reasons why you should be using a mass email service to market your brand. Let’s take a look at them!