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Are you thinking how could this ever be possible?

Well… You probably know from your own experience that “free cheese can only be in a mouse trap”, right?

On the other hand…

You also have gotten used to the biggest misconception of all ages: that you have to work very hard in order to get paid.

In actual reality, those that work the hardest – earn the lowest salaries. Think about factory workers, miners and so on. They have excruciating jobs for a very small salary.

The fact is… If you work too much and too hard, you simply do not have time to make money. You work for the sake of … working.

You’ve worked your butt off to create a nice product, and now you deserve a really good pay off for the great job you’ve done.

All you need to do is tell the world about your product in the right manner. My mission here is to teach you how.

Kirill VasilyevMy name is Kirill. I am the author and creator of iMac Mailer and Email Marketing Sneaky Ninja Tricks. I am a successful business entrepreneur who has been working in this field for almost 12 years. I am the author of many software products, which I sell on the Internet as shareware.

During my carreer, I’ve tried everything and made every mistake you could possibly imagine. I was very successful in 1999 – 2002, and my life totally sucked between 2005 – 2008 when things changed and I did not adapt in time.

At that time I was over-concentrating on software development instead of paying a very close attention to the marketing. I did not have a personal life for almost 4 years. I was exhausted and almost lost my wife. My income kept shrinking, stress levels kept rising and then I suddenly realized what, exactly, I was doing wrong and why.

If you are reading this post, it means you are going through something similar. My mission here is to help you get away and jump to the next level. I would feel guilty if I did not share my knowledge with you guys, since I know what suffering feels like based on my own experience.

I am providing you with the best possible tools and solutions that will help you convert your “fragile” business into a prosperous million dollar company without much time, expense or stress.

As with all ingenious solutions, this technology is very simple, but highly effective once implemented correctly.

Let me explain, exactly, how I help you to…


Build a highly effective money generating foundation…

Well, Ok… You have a great product and a nice website for it. The website is well optimized and positioned in Google and Yahoo’s search engine results pages. A lot of visitors are coming in, walking around, clicking links, opening and reading web pages.

Despite the fact that your website receives decent traffic, only a few visitors a day actually go ahead and purchase your product. As a result, you end up unhappy and with a little money to spend. There are plenty of “scientific” explanations why the result is the way it is. It’s frustrating, and you should know that…

No matter how great your product is or how nice your website looks, your average conversion rate is somewhere between 0.5 and 1 percent. It means that you receive only 1 sale for every 100 – 200 visitors coming to your website. Therefore, the results you are getting now is not as unusual as you think. It is well within the limitations of the business model you chose to follow.

Since search engine optimization has its limits, you hit a wall pretty quickly and start seriously thinking: “Well, maybe I’m selling crap no one needs. I need to make another product. This time I’ll make it better!”.

I know that was what I thought (and did… Ouch).

Based on this approach, you start creating multiple products in order to increase your income. You think that if you sell 3 products instead of one, you’ll get 3 times more money. That may turn out to be true, but on the other hand…

This is the major mistake most people make when they hit this wall. Stop! Or you’ll fall into a vicious circle that never ends. You’ll be concentrating on doing new work instead of selling the existing finished products you already have!

Traditional Business Model

Fortunately, there is a way out! A much better way of doing the same business. But in order to “get better” you must understand why you “feel bad”, right?

You’ve got your visitors on your website and they are looking around very closely. The only thing that actually bothers you is the low conversion rate.


But what if the conversion rate were higher?

Let’s say, 30 times higher?

Would that make any difference?

Duh! Of course, yes!

Your income would jump by 30 times, and your “struggle to survive” company would turn into a gold mine. You would not have to concentrate on doing time-consuming and difficult improvement work anymore; you could hire somebody to do this for you…

Heck… you could hire a whole team to help you improve the product, website, process and every aspect of your business…

AND your life would become much, MUCH EASIER!


Add a mailing list to your website to boost your conversion rate!

Subscribe people to a special mailing list at the time they place their orders. Did you know that 80 percent of people about to buy your product fill all of the necessary information in the order form, but fail to press the final “Confirm” button? They just chicken away!

They do it because they are not ready to buy your product today, but would definitely buy it later…maybe even tomorrow. Since they are all busy people doing thousands of things every day, they simply forget about your website and this is the reason why they never return.

By using this special mailing list, you can remind those “otherwise lost” customers about the benefits of your product and gently ask them to complete their orders. This simple trick alone will boost your sales 5 times or more.

Also, offer a free newsletter on your website with something interesting and useful to the field your product relates to. Persuade your visitors to subscribe to it and keep in touch with them on a regular basis until they convert to paying customers or unsubscribe.

Email Marketing Model

My iMac Mailer email marketing software will let you add a mailing list to your website, and perform regular mail-outs of professional email newsletters in a very easy and elegant way.

I initially developed it for myself. I’ve used it for years with great success, and now you can benefit from it too!

My free “Email Marketing Sneaky Ninja Tricks” book will help you get started. I am ready to share my secrets that I’ve used for years on my way to prosperity.


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  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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