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Desktop layout protection is not the only thing that you must consider in order to secure a computer which is shared among multiple users.

There is much more, AND…

It is essential to have a good, fool-proof…

Desktop shield that keeps your desktop layout protected all the time by stopping your pesky users from even accessing those parts of Windows where icons and wallpaper can be changed.

The new Public PC Desktop software offers a desktop replacement shell that replaces Windows desktop when you lock your computer. This shell looks like the standard Windows desktop, but in fact it is a special application that has the full control over the locked computer as opposed to users having it instead.

You assign desktop wallpaper and create all necessary icons in Public PC Desktop’s configuration utility, and once computer is locked this new restricted desktop is presented to your users.

It is so bullet-proof that no one can even change a thing because users no longer interact with Windows directly.

User Separation

Internet security and browsing restrictions are essential.

In order to keep your publicly accessed machine secure, you must be able to restrict Internet usage. You need to disable file downloads, restrict access to certain harmful websites, and block popups.

Because if you don’t, your users can and will download executable files, viruses and other things that will rather sooner than later cripple your machine or compromise its security.

The new Public PC Desktop solves this problem once and for all by isolating your users from your web browser. Instead of giving your users access to Internet Explorer, you give them access to a special application called “Safe Web Browser” that wraps around Internet Explorer and totally controls it.

This way your users no longer interact with Internet Explorer directly thus eliminating any possibility of causing damage by harmful content.

Internet Security

You must be able to control access to your machine with user/password authentication or time-limited access codes.

Your users should have access to your machine, but this access must be limited. Certain users must have their own user ids and passwords to access the limited desktop whenever they need to, while some users should have a temporary access for a limited time only.

You can achieve all these access scenarios with Public PC Desktop. As an administrator, you will always have the full access no matter how severely you limit your users.

Control Access

Public PC Desktop is extremely easy to use. You do not need to have a degree in computers to set it up.

It is way less complex than the other security software I previously released.

In fact, it is so simple and strait-forward that even a construction worker with no computer experience can do it.

If you ever need any help, just drop me a line, and I will send you a video with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Public PC Desktop gives you a real protection and a piece of mind

Public PC Desktop

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