Detecting and Fixing your Computer when it Overheats

Overheating is one of the major problems that some computer gets damaged nowadays, aside from electric voltage fluctuations, hardware failure, etc. from Desktop PC to Laptops. When your computer is overheating, it can create serious malfunctions to microchips and hardware in your computer.

In most cases overheating occur generally in Gaming. It overheat when using terrible cooling designs that will generate an amount of high heat temperature inside your computers damaging the motherboard, video card and other components installed in it. Work environment can also create overheating and breaks down the average heat energy that your computer normally uses. Putting your computer from high heat temperature or overheating can keep your computer from slowing down.

Repeated memory errors, Blue Screen, and Computer Shut Down are to name of the few signs when your computer is overheating or in high temperature.

Now here are some of the best ways on fixing your computer when it overheat:

1.       Report to manufacturer especially if your computer is under warranty. Traditionally, manufacturers either fix the problem or give your another new product. They are obligated to protect all their customers from encountering computer problems over a period of time.

2.       Computer Fan can help lessen the overheating. When using laptop, a powerful laptop cooler can be a great use. For desktops on the other hand, you can add another Desktop Computer Fan inside your CPU or remove the CPU cover casing to improve ventilation.

3.       Computer Software or Applications such as Fail Safe Software, Speedfan, etc. can monitor and determine your computer’s temperatures and manages thermal control. It can also help prevent computer memory loss when it suddenly shuts down. Enabling Hibernation as well can lessen heat temperature, It shuts down your computer when is hibernates and restores back to its previous screen.

Regular cleaning of your computer’s air ventilation and pathways is one of the best ways for eliminating heat temperature.  Make sure you are well experience in doing this thing because most of chips and hardware inside your CPU is so delicate and fragile.


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