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  • FREE email marketing Sneaky Ninja Tricks e-course
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Email marketing Sneaky Ninja training course is divided into multiple, easy to digest chunks.

You will be getting a different lesson every day, that explains one topic and gives you actionable steps and time to execute them.

Looking for testimonials?

Fact is… I could show you countless cool testimonials from other users and how great they think my course and product are.

How John is thrilled to use the product and how Bill is cool with the feature X and so on. After all, many Internet marketers do that all the time.


Let us use an entirely different arrangement

Let the most impartial and most objective judge decide if it matches your business style or not… That’s you of course.

Download iMacMailer and play with it free for 30 days.

You will not have to pay anything…
You do not even need to enter your financial details anywhere.

You get a fully working product, exactly the same as the paid one, the only exception is, it will only let you send 100 messages at a time.
To send more, you will have to manually hit “send” button again.

You will also get all my email marketing ninja tricks e-course together with it, without paying anything.

Easy enough?
Does this sound like a fair arrangement to you?

And what’s more…

Those email marketing tricks you will learn are good with any mass mailing program, service or in-house solution.

You can keep them, they are yours and you can implement them anywhere you like, not necessarily using this particular software.

They are yours free, forever.

Now that is what I call totally fair, wouldn’t you agree?

So… What is this iMacMailer about?

It will let you:

  • Increase your sales 5 times on average – Most of your website visitors do not buy your product on their first visit. By using my tricks you can easily convert a big part of them into paying customers
  • Generate a constant stream of repeat sales – Having subscribed to your free email newsletter, people usually stay subscribed as long as they keep receiving useful information from you. Once you prove yourself to them as a quality provider, you can send offers, promotions and reminders, and as a result you get constant stream of repeat sales from the same customers
  • Increase average order value by 30% – After you get a paying customer, offer them any other products and services that complement the original purchase. You are free to do any sorts of “up-sells” and “cross-sells” if they are truly related to the original purchase and present added value to your client
  • Inexpensive at the beginning and over time – You pay only a fixed small fee for iMac Mailer, and pay nothing for sending your newsletters unless your mailing list grows excessively large. Even in this case, it is still much cheaper.
  • Saves your time significantly – iMac Mailer automates every aspect of email marketing from list keeping to newsletter mail-outs. It automatically handles subscription, unsubscription, removal of bad addresses and other things that otherwise would take hours if not days to complete.

What are the features of iMacMailer software?

  • Easy Email List Management – You can work with as many mailing lists at the same time as you like. You can copy or move subscribers between your lists, and create new targeted lists based on a number of existing lists. You can also add new data fields to your subscriber database to keep various personal details such as order numbers, birthdays, and so on.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Automation – Adds new subscribers to your email lists and removes the ones who wish to unsubscribe automatically. You do not have to spend your precious time to manually sort this out anymore, and… The new subscribers are added to your lists along with all the personal details entered in the “subscription” form.
  • Automatic Removal of Bad Email Addresses – Automatically removes subscribers whose email addresses are invalid, non-existent or reject your newsletters for all sorts of reasons. This is often called “bounce back management”. Removing bad addresses manually based on error email messages is very hard and time-consuming.
  • Message Personalization – Lets you increase “open rate” by allowing you to mention personal details in your newsletters. You can have personal salutations such as “Dear, Mike!”, mention order numbers, birthdays, telephone numbers, and other personal information so that your newsletters would grab reader’s attention better than ever.
  • Import and Export of Email Addresses – Saves your time by allowing you to transfer your existing subscribers form Address Book or other email program to iMac Mailer and vice versa. iMac Mailer supports a lot of file formats so you don’t have to figure out how to deal with exotic file types anymore.
  • Quick Search & Filtering – Lets you search for particular subscribers and quickly create new targeted email lists based on your search criteria. If you need to target customers from China, no problem… Just filter your list by country or domain extension, select all matching subscribers, copy them to the pasteboard, and then paste them to a new list.
  • Multiple SMTP Accounts – Lets you send thousands of email newsletters a day without paying a penny. If you add all email accounts registered with all free email providers known to humans, iMac Mailer will automatically switch between them when they fail due to daily limits. It gives you a unique ability to use a bunch of limited accounts as one unlimited account.
  • Fast Sending And Improved Deliverability – Noting saves your time better than my super-fast sending engine that delivers most of your newsletters to the destination. Every time you press the “Send” button, you now that in less than 20 minutes the majority of your newsletters will be delivered to your subscribers with a minimum “bounce rate”.
  • User Interface That Saves Time – You can select multiple subscribers or letters in iMac Mailer and perform the Cut & Paste or Drag & Drop commands to move them between your email lists. You can also copy email addresses from a text editor to any email list or vice versa without using Import/Export, which saves your a great deal of time.