How to Send Mass Email Messages Out

If Sending Mass Email Messages Was That Simple, There Would Not Be Those Fancy Mass Mailing Software Products

There is much more in sending mass email messages than in delivering a single letter.

Heck! A lot more than you could’ve possibly imagined!

When it comes to mass mailing, many people usually employ an “ingenious” well-known solution called “slap whatever together”.

Someone implementing it rolls up his sleeves, fires up his regular email program, creates an “explosive” email message with the TO, CC or BCC field stuffed with hundreds of email addresses and presses the Send button with a happy smile on his face.

I know you might be thinking “What’s wrong with this approach?”


You Cannot Use a Regular Email Client To Deliver Newsletters

And I’ll tell you why…

First of all, if you use TO or CC, every recipient will see other members of your mailing list in the messages you send, which is violation of personal privacy.

If you use the BCC method, the TO field of every message received by a recipient will contain “Undisclosed Recipient” instead of a name and email addresses, which adds a “spammy” flavour to the message and looks weird.

If your put more than 100 recipients to the TO, CC or BCC field, your entire message will very likely be rejected by your or recipient’s mail server as something spam-like.

Sending messages in groups by 100 each will turn your work into hell, especially if your list is well beyond 1000 subscribers.

Regular Email Client

If we also account for a necessity to add new people to the mailing list and remove the ones who want to unsubscribe, or whose email addresses are dead, we can clearly state that…

No way this is going to be even feasible!

Use a Mass Mailer to Deliver Your Email Newsletters

If you think that mass mailers are some sort of “freaky fashion statement”, you are wrong. They serve a concrete purpose, and were developed out of a necessity…

A necessity to send personalized email messages to a number of mailing list subscribers, and automate everything around it.

Mass mailers usually work with contact lists of recipients called mailing lists.

To do a mail-out, you select a number of recipients from a mailing list, compose an email message and hit the Send button.

As a result, everyone picked up from the mailing list receives an email message with a personal salutation in a way as if it was sent personally to him using a regular email program.

Specialized Mass Mailer

Sounds complete?

Nope! We need a lot more things to put everything in place.

We really want to have…

Message Personalization

When a subscriber receives your email newsletter, it must look like as if it was created specifically for him and individually sent by a regular email client.

It means, that the TO field must contain subscriber’s name and email address, and your message must start from a personal salutation such as “Dear, John!” instead of “Dear, friend!”

I don’t know how you do it, but I often find myself “reading” machine-like messages that do not mention my name with the Delete key on my keyboard. My in-brain spam filter is so well-trained to distinguish junk that I manage to delete everything suspicious even without reading.

I believe everyone behaves the same way except for those complete idiots who still buy into lottery and make-money-fast scams. But I wouldn’t count on them since they are endangered species that will eventually become extinct.

Why not add some personal touches to your newsletters with the use of message personalization?

You have to sneak through in-brain spam filters of your readers somehow, so make your newsletters unique and alive!

Choose a mass mailer that has a message personalization feature.

Message Personalization

Another “must have” feature is…

Subscribe / Unsubscribe Automation

You do not want to manually add new subscribers to your mailing list and remove the ones who want to unsubscribe from it.

With time, your mailing list will grow to contain thousands of subscribers with hundreds coming in and out every day.

If you keep updating it manually, you will be spending all your precious time just on it.

Let your mass mailer do this dirty job for you.

Bounce Back Removal Automation

Is also VERY important!

“Bounce backs” is a “sharp pain in the ass” that usually leads to “cancer” if left untreated.

Let me tell you how it works…

If subscriber’s email address no longer exists, you receive an error message from the mail server (called “bounce back”) in your mailbox.

You have to take action and remove this dead address from your mailing list immediately.

Because if you don’t, your email provider will shut your email account down once you start getting dozens of “bounce backs” a day.

Hey! You may end up getting hundreds of them since a lot of people do enter invalid email addresses when they subscribe!

“Bounce backs” create a huge load on mail servers, they slow sending down and trigger spam filters that may blacklist you.

Of course, you can remove dead addresses manually yourself, but hey!

Who wants to sort out that many email addresses a day with bare hands?

No one!

It’s your mass mailer’s job!

Bounce Back

Your mass mailer must also provide you with an ability to control…

Sending Speed

You know that brakes were invented by cowards, but believe me, when it comes to sending mass email messages, fast, is not always good.

In fact, it’s bad!

If you try to drive your car through downtown at a speed of 100 miles an hour during rush hour, will you arrive home faster?


The only thing that will be faster is the time it takes you to get from one traffic light to another.

The same happens when you try to send your mass email messages faster than the surrounding infrastructure can handle.

You just stuff your mail server with thousands of messages that will be sitting there in queue for hours before they can actually be delivered to recipient mail boxes.

Since you are not alone in abusing the server this way, it has to protect itself somehow from being overloaded.

And guess how it does it?

It just throws all your messages away and blocks you for an hour or two! And you end up with NOTHING despite your mass mailer reports success.

In geeky words the feature that controls the speed email messages are sent at is called “sending throttling”.

Using this feature you can ensure that you do not send your messages faster than your mail server allows you per minute, hour and day.

Sending Throttling

Read the “Terms of Service” agreement (TOS) of your email provider carefully before you make your first email blast. You will find information on the maximum number of messages you can send per minute, hour and day there!

iMac Mailer Has All These Required Features

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When Sending Newsletters Watch For Subscribe/Unsubscribe Ratio!

If you mailing list is growing, your newsletters are totally fine. People enjoy them, and you do not have to do anything to improve their quality.

However if you notice that your mailing list is shrinking, it’s alarming news. It means that your newsletters either boring or not useful for your readers, and this is the reason why they leave. They don’t want to waste their time!

You have to revise and improve your newsletters until your mailing list starts growing again.

There should be more subscribing people than unsubscribing people, or at least these numbers must be the same, otherwise your mailing list will not be sustainable and will eventually collapse.

Have you ever noticed while watching a boring movie in a theatre how some people stand up and leave the room? And this happens after they have paid for it! The ones who keep watching the movie just want to get their money’s worth! Imagine if it was a FREE boring movie. The entire room would just walk away!

In order to fix the problem you need to…

Understand Why People Are Leaving Your Mailing List

Read your newsletters yourself all over again, or give them to your friend to get his opinion. There might be something you do not notice yourself, therefore some third-party feedback would be really beneficial.

If your newsletters are boring, change writing style. If there is not much information, add some. If they are “advertizy”, switch to light context advertisement that does not distract your readers from the information itself.

You may find a lot of useful tips on how to create good email newsletters by googling the “how to create email newsletter” phrase. My previous lesson also contains a lot of useful tips and tricks regarding this matter.

Get the most out of your subscription…

Keep Subscribers On Mailing List As Long As Possible

If you provide your subscribers with interesting and well presented information every day, they will not leave your mailing list. Many of them will start every business day from reading your newsletter while having their first cup of coffee.

You should support this tradition and feed them with what they want. If you keep in mind that reader’s satisfaction comes first, and your advertisement need next, you will be fine.

If you don’t have time to compose newsletters yourself, hire someone who enjoys writing. Your mailing list will make enough money for you to hire several authors to keep it in a top shape.

Ok, I’m outta here. I’ve worked my butt off for today. See you next time!