iMac Mailer v2.1 Released

F-Key Solutions releases iMac Mailer v2.1

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

22 November 2010

F-Key Solutions today announced the release of the version 2.1 of iMac Mailer.

Mass mailer for Mac (email marketing software for Apple Macintosh computer).

Used for sending personalized mass email messages by marketing professionals.

What is iMac Mailer?

iMac Mailer is a mass mailer for Mac (email marketing software for Apple Macintosh computer) used for sending personalized email messages to subscribable mailing lists.

iMac Mailer fully automates mailing list recipient subscription, removal and bounce back management, ensuring your mailing lists never get cluttered with dead email addresses.

Do you need personal salutations in your email messages? May be you want to mention personal information in your email messages such as order numbers or products ordered by your customers? No problem! Customize your recipient database. Import all necessary information from Address Book, Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers spreadsheet, CSV file or tab-delimited file, and use macros in your email messages to reference database information you need.

Deliver email messages quickly and efficiently through the powerful message sending engine of iMac Mailer. Add all your limited free email accounts and iMac Mailer will use them all as one unlimited account. Control message speed and flow with the throttling feature if it is necessary.

F-Key Solutions has put 10 years of experience into development of iMac Mailer, and is proud to claim that iMac Mailer is the best mass mailer available on the market today. No one can beat its fabulously designed user interface and functionality.

iMac Mailer is $120 USD shareware. It is available from the iMacMailer.Com web site and all major Macintosh software download websites. Version 2.1 is the first release available for public to download and purchase, and it is rock-solid.

System Requirements: Any Mac (Apple Macintosh computer) running Mac OS X Leopard v10.5 or later.

What is new in iMac Mailer v2.1?

This is the first stable release that has been in stress testing for more than 3 months.

It was installed in several companies and tested by them very thoroughly. All the bugs were fixed and the code was optimized in terms of speed and efficiency.

F-Key Solutions is now pleased to release this rock-solid version for public download.


  • Multi-document interface (every document is a separate mailing project).
  • Support of HTML, rich-text and plain-text message formats.
  • Support of email message templates (HTML, rich-text and plain-text).
  • Email message personalization by referencing database information.
  • Import and export to move recipients between iMacMailer and other software.
  • Scheduled delayed sending to start sending at a desired day and time.
  • Sending throttling to control message flow and sending speed.
  • Sending failure management and automatic sending error recovery.
  • Easy SMTP account setup with automatic SMTP settings detection.
  • Multiple SMTP accounts and automatic SMTP account switching.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo of all performed operations everywhere.
  • Copy and Paste within and between mailing list project documents.
  • Drag and Drop between project documents and Address Book or Finder.

What Other People Have Said About iMac Mailer

iMac Mailer is the greatest time saver I have ever discovered in my life…” – Steve W. Robbins, Steel Works, Inc.

I really enjoy the user interface and the functionality of iMac Mailer…” – Larry S. Brown, STC Marketing Group

I spent only 15 minutes to create my first mailing list in iMac Mailer, I am very impressed…” – John C. Dowell, RNC Consulting, Inc.

iMac Mailer’s Features Described in Detail

Multi-document interface lets you create and keep an unlimited number of mailing list projects. Every project is kept in a separate file and contains its own custom recipient database and email messages.

HTML message format lets you deliver professionally designed email newsletters that contain colourful text, advanced formatting and images while rich-text and plain-text message formats give you a performance and simplicity.

Message personalization lets you create personal salutations or mention personal details for instance order numbers or products ordered in your email messages.

Import feature lets you import recipients from Address Book, Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers spreadsheet, or CSV / tab-delimited text file. Export feature lets you do the opposite. Combined together, import and export let you use an external tool such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to perform an advanced editing and filtering of your recipient information.

Sending function lets you deliver your messages later at a desired time. It also lets you control message speed and flow with the throttling feature and will recover from a sending error by pausing sending and resuming it whenever it becomes possible.

SMTP setup is simple and functional. You can add as many SMTP accounts as you wish and all of them will be used as a single SMTP account. When you add an SMTP account, iMac Mailer discovers port and encryption settings automatically and fills them in for you.

As you expect from a great Mac application, unlimited undo and redo are available as well as copy / paste and Drag & Drop along with multiple item selections. Quick search is also available everywhere throughout the user interface.

About F-Key Solutions, Inc.

F-Key Solutions was founded in 1999 by two computer geeks Vitaly Gritsenko and Kirill Vasilyev, and has been providing fine Macintosh and Windows software for over twelve years.

Vitaly Gritsenko and Kirill Vasilyev are the authors of a number of well-received products that have won favorable reviews in major industry publications including TidBITS, Macworld, MacUser, CNet and Byte.

F-Key Solutions distributes its products under the shareware principles: try before you buy and minimal or no marketing costs. As a result shareware costs a fraction of the price of most other commercial software.

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