Knowing iMac Mailer

Apple Macintosh Computer is featuring a message template and database recipient software or application called iMac Mailer.

Which offers all Apple Macintosh Computer users everything they need for creating and managing direct mass messaging with very fast sending capabilities.

iMac Mailer is a uniquely designed mass mailing software with a fabulous user interface.

In delivering messages, iMac Mailer uses Apple Mail delivery support that properly sends 90 to 100 percent of your email messages to your friends, family, love ones  or anybody’s email mailboxes, so that means that you do not have to worry whether your email messages were sent or not. The mechanics for creating messages is mostly the same as using the basic Apple Mail. But with this iMac Mailer application, you can customize your messaging structures such as the text, fonts, colors, and templates. You can also attach files, pictures or any documents that needs to be delivered to the recipient via email messaging.

Sending, pasting and copying HTML document is also one of iMac Mailer’s advantages and capabilities comparing to other email applications. It can import and export different email addresses, documents, and other receiver’s data from any files. The application can let you cancel your message sending and continuing it manually later at anytime which works on every document basis. The statistics of your messages are seen and visualized on every transactions made. In connection with this, iMac Mailer can send more than 200 messages in an hour by Setting the SMTP accounts automatically therefore you can send multiple messages like email marketing as easy as one, two, three. Wherein, the Green color signifies that the message was successfully sent, the Red color for error sending, and Black color means unprocessed not until you click on the Start Sending Button located on the toolbar.

The iMac Mailer is originally created only for Apple Mac Computers with Mac Operating System so make sure you have one in order for you to run this application.

Do you think you can compare iMac Mailer’s capabilities to other Email Messenger? Or do you have anything more to say about the advantages and disadvantages of this software?

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