Mailing List Software: What A Car Sales Person Can Teach Us About Mass Email Marketing

Car Sales

Photo by Emilio Labrador

There are a lot of informative articles about mailing list software on the internet that sing the many praises of mass email marketing and why you should do it.  And while mass email marketing IS an extremely effective method of building a client base, and the mailing list software that you choose IS incredibly important… this article isn’t really about either of these things. This article focuses on one specific technique that ALL successful email marketers use to their advantage. Their secret weapon? The follow up. (Sounds kinda ominous, doesn’t it)? :)

Think for a moment about your most recent car purchasing experience. Aside from the actual features of the car itself (I’m looking for a sports car that has a jet thruster in the back and retracting stinger missiles. If you see one, please email me :)), what was it that helped you in your decision to purchase your car from the dealership? How effective was your sales person? I’ll bet he or she used “the follow up” to help win you, and your hard-earned money, over!

So here’s the deal. Following up makes you money. In fact, it can make you a lot of money! Doing it right is more art than science, but here are there are some key reasons to focus on.

First off, following up is all about building rapport with your subscribers. I mean, let’s face reality. NO ONE likes the “hard sell” (unless you are certifiably insane, that is). :)  Going back to the car sales example, do you like it when you step onto a car lot and the sales person immediately approaches you and starts pushily telling you what you should buy and why…never mind that you can’t afford it or it doesn’t really suit your needs. The answer is no.

Most people prefer the “soft sell”, which is when the sales person approaches you, asks what you’re looking for, informs you about the different options you have and how they can enhance your driving experience, points you in the right direction and then lets you be. They’re close by in case you have any questions. If they see you lingering at a particular car, they will approach again and tell you some of the car’s better features (highlighting the things about that vehicle that you had said you were looking for earlier). Then they go back in the corner.

Using this technique, the chances are very good that you will buy from that salesperson, even if you came to the dealership intending to “just look around”. Why?  Because she gained your trust by giving you valuable information about vehicles and features you are looking for (aka rapport), and when she saw you looking at a specific vehicle, she walked over and followed up. Sold!

Following up using your mailing list software is much the same. Don’t go for the hard sell. Go for the soft sell. Bring something to the table for your subscribers, give them a wealth of information about a subject that they are interested in. You will earn their trust… they will feel like they know you a bit and that you truly have their interests in mind… and they will keep coming back for more.

Another reason following up works is because when you send informative emails (with the occasional marketing offer, of course! :)) at regular intervals you are keeping you, or your brand, in the forefront of their minds. This is extremely advantageous because when they get the point that they are ready to purchase an item in your market your product will be the first thing that pops into their minds. Add that with the fact that you have already built a relationship with them and you are set!

I’d like to point out here that another reason that this works in your favor is simply the fact they subscribed to your list in the first place. They subscribed because they were interested in what you had to offer. That’s pretty much like them pre-screening themselves for your product!! :)

Finally, following up works because your subscribers see your offers multiple times. Maybe they were interested in your product, but just weren’t sure whether or not to buy. Who can blame them? We all have moments like this, don’t we? But every time you put your offer in front of them, it will move them just a little closer to making the decision to buy from you.