Mass Email Marketing: Why You Need Fantastic Mailing List Software

Let’s talk for a minute about mass email marketing. In case you didn’t know, mass email marketing is one of the most effective means of advertising on the internet. It’s also just happens to be one of the kindest to your bottom line. :) Mass email marketing has been around for quite some time and has become a fairly mature business tool. It can be used not only to generate sales, but also to promote website traffic and grow your brand as well. When done right, it can produce phenomenal results!

Although the primary benefit to mass email marketing is sales and promotion, there’s also an added benefit of market analysis. As your mailing lists grow in both size and organization, you can begin to see patterns in your subscriber responses. Certain approaches and products will produce more favorable results than others. Insights into this information can be a proverbial goldmine (or maybe not so proverbial)!

As I’m sure you would probably guess, effective marketing campaigns are all about the people on your mailing list. Mass email marketing produces the best results when you build a relationship with your subscribers. People, in general, will need to trust you before they buy from you. Sure, there is a small percentage of people who will buy some gizmo from a spammed email. But the percentage is very, very low. The better your relationship with your subscribers, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

With so much riding on your list, having great mailing list software is paramount.  What good is a large mailing list if you’re not able to effectively manage your subscribers or the messages that you’re sending to them? Successful marketing campaigns begin and end with your mailing list software! True, you could type your emails and send them to your lists using a program like Thunderbird or Outlook (and some people do). But using your regular desktop software for managing your mailing list is kinda like using a machete to cut down a forest. Definitely not the best tool for the job!

Image by Danard Vincente

So what, exactly, is an electronic mailing list? At its most basic, it’s just a list of contact information, usually in the form of an email address. Nowadays, legitimate mailing lists are “opt-in”, which means that a person actually asks to be added to your list. Mailing list software lets you create lists of people’s contact information, suited for a variety of messages. The people who have opted-in to your list are called subscribers because…well, they have (hopefully) subscribed to your list!

So what does good mailing list software look like? Well, it’s powerful, fast, and flexible (kind of like Lance Armstrong…without the cool sunglasses or sponsors). :) Seriously, though.

All decent mailing list software will let you create, edit, and delete mailing lists, as well as assign them names and categories. As far as subscriber management goes, all mailing list software allows you to add and remove subscribers manually, along with changing their names and other basic information.

But these features represent the bare minimum you will need and you want more than the minimum, don’t you? Great mailing list software possesses features like the ability to merge and split lists, to find and remove duplicate entries, offers automated backups and advanced search features (like pattern matching), and supports the creation and use of macros (repetitive tasks that you tell the computer do for you). You’ll also find subscriber functions like automatic subscriber management, email validation and name normalization (which is just a ten-dollar word for saying that you can make all names in a list capitalized or lower-cased automatically).

These features may not seem that important if you’re just starting out or only have a list or two with a couple-dozen subscribers. But as your business, and your list, grows having quality mailing list software will become increasingly important. And if you already have one or more lists with over a few hundred subscribers than you absolutely need adequate mailing list software.

Mass email marketing and mailing list software are closely related. Mass email marketing is the execution phase of your marketing plan, but it’s your mailing list software that actually makes your campaign possible to begin with.  A little extra research and, possibly, a little extra coin invested in quality mailing list software will go a very long way towards making your marketing campaign successful.

Now if someone would just invent software that writes its own articles… :)