Mass Email Service: Why You Should Be Mass Email Marketing

Imagine having the ability to reach highly motivated people that are interested in learning more about your product or service instantly. Now imagine that you could take that one message and personalize it for thousands and thousands of people, again, instantly. Imagine again (I know… I’m starting to get a little far-fetched here) that you could possess the ability to know, near instantaneously, when your message didn’t make it to one of your intended recipients and why. Seem crazy? Well, it’s not. In fact, these abilities, and more, exist in what is known as mass email service.

There are a lot of reasons why you should be using a mass email service…especially if you are already using other forms of marketing, like PPC, Radio, Television and printed media. The main reason that most content seems to focus on is the lower cost of marketing and higher Return-On-Investment (ROI). And while these certainly help your bottom line, there are quite a few more reasons why you should be using a mass email service to market your brand. Let’s take a look at them!

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Reason number one: people are creatures of habit (just stay with me here for a sec). Why do you care? Well…because most people check their emails in the morning. It’s usually one of the first things we do (after we’ve had our coffee and breakfast, maybe). And then we check it several more times throughout the day. If I draw an analogy here, it would be like a customer standing outside your shop window, looking in a few times a day to see if you had any new products on your shelves! We do this (checking our email… not window shopping. :)) every day. That bodes well for you and your marketing stream!

Another point that tends to be over-looked is the fact that you can actually earn a residual income through strategically-placed advertisements in your emails and e-newsletters. Partner up with a few respected business owners and set up an agreement to show advertise their products or services if the y will do the same for you. Or join an affiliate program and embed your affiliate link with your offers (just make sure that you are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations where you live)! You may not make a fortune doing this. But then again… you just might!

Metrics are an important component of your mass email service. At a minimum, you will know when your emails were rejected, and whether it was because their box was full or did not exist at all (called “soft bounce” and “hard bounce”, respectively). Many mass email services will track who clicked on your offer links and, using on-site metrics, whether they purchased and, if not, where they exited your site from. You just can’t get this kind of intel from traditional marketing platforms!

Another key is that you are empowered to be proactive with your offers. What I mean by this is that with mass email marketing, when you have an offer you would like people to know about you can just draft an email or newsletter and send it out to hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands, if your list is that big) instead of waiting for potential customers to find you. And, once you’ve pushed your offer out there, thanks to metrics you will be able to monitor how effective your offer or strategy is.

The instantaneous nature of email is another compelling reason to use mailing list software. If you come across a great deal that you want to let your potential customers know about, you don’t have to waste time producing a commercial or laying out and printing a paper or magazine advertisement. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for distribution of your ad to reach its intended audience. No, my friend, when you hit the “send” button… it leaves your machine and enters the inbox of your list almost instantly.

Personalization is, perhaps, the greatest asset of a mass email service. Let’s say that you’ve sent an offer to your list. Without the ability to personalize your message, how hard will it be for you to make your legitimate email stand out above the countless spam messages that are surely waiting for your subscribers when they open their email? It’s going to darn difficult!
But with personalization features, you could automatically address each subscriber by their first name in the subject line of your email, letting them know that your email is intended specifically for them. How powerful is that?!?