Smile… for the new Facetime for Mac

As Christmas Day is nearly coming… The Apple Mac has recently invented a fun and extraordinary way to capture images, talk, and smile from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or your Mac itself to anyone’s Mac. I know most of you guys are eager to celebrate your holidays with your family, friends, and love ones even you are a distant away from them. We know that it’s nice to hear each and everyone’s voices but it’s more fun if we can see their faces while communicating to them in just a click. So in this kind of means, Apple has greatly helped us get close to everyone anytime thru their newest technology.

Apple developed an application for it called “Facetime”, it is a software that can do video calling using your iPhone and iPod Touch to your Mac.  Facetime for Mac a user-friendly software and can easily be downloaded from website. Just sign up your Apple ID and email address, fill in your contacts or address book and then start calling…

From your Mac camera and using Facetime, no distraction effects you will experience cause your window frame will automatically fades away and controlling your window frames. Also with frame to frame view, you can totally see the person you’re communicating with.

When using iPod Touch or iPhone 4, you can use the front or the back camera and even rotate the window frame to landscape or portrait or turn it into full screen mode. FaceTime can also adjust the view like the brightness and contrast of every image or video captured. You can adjust the audio or incoming call sound as well, or you can turn off the audio.

FaceTime application is so fast and will run smoothly especially when you are in a better signal via 3G and some higher quality over a WiFi.

So, everyone is just a smile away from your Mac.

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