The newest iOS 4.2 update for your iphone and ipad

Well, this time I want you to celebrate and enjoy more on your ipad, ipod touch, and 3G iphone right now cause, Apple just released newest updates for the said gadgets last month. After a long time of waiting Apple technology finally fixed the bugs that made the delaying of the update on your gadgets which was supposed to be release several months ago.

Apple’s newest update is called the iOS 4.2 that includes a whole lot and several best features for your 3G iphone, ipad touch and your ipod.

For your Ipad, they incorporated a new feature on your AirPlay system where you can directly content streaming wirelessly or power or enabling your Ipad speakers together with your Airport Express System. And you can directly purchase and rent TV episodes using your Ipad easy as 1..2…3…

Another feature they mentioned for your Ipad is in connection with organizing of your Ipad’s applications using the drag and drop capabilities.

And lastly for your Game Center, you can play online games or matched against another opponent using your Ipad handheld.

The next feature for the iOS 4.2 incorporates is for your 3G iphone additions. This one is the so-called “Find My Iphone” which is part of the operating system wherein you can avail it for free now rather than you have to signing up at MobileMe for $99 before getting in on the previous feature. So, when you’re in a department store or any shopping mall and you wanted to find your wife or girlfriend who’s also using an iphone then you won’t be having a hard time looking for her cause all you have to do is use the amazing feature with MobileMe for free.

And as part of the feature you can now easily find or search words and highlight selected words on the web using your Safari browser and also more security capability features for your phone.

So get updated now and enjoy every feature with iOS 4.2 operating system from Apple.

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