Manual Product Activation

Use this manual activation method if your regular activation fails. This can happen if you have a firewall or another security measure, that may block our program. It is also possible, some computers may not have an Internet connection at all.

Please do the following:

  1. Open the program and select manual registration (done already, since you are here)
  2. Open the email we sent you. It should contain your key.
  3. Input the key you received
  4. Input the hardware ID that our program shows you
  5. Input the version our program shows you
  6. Press “Get my activation key”
  7. Input the key and username back into your software

You should receive information containing your key-code from us by email. Please input this information here.

After purchase, you have received a keycode by email. Please find it and enter it in the field below:

Your software generated a new Hardware ID for you, please enter it here:

In registration dialog of the software you have installed, there should be your version number. Please type it here: