Why we earn too little even if we work too hard

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I will be talking about many results that my friends and I have been having over the last years and I want to warn you first…

The results shown here in these lessons are NOT TYPICAL.

You are probably wondering if I said it wrong?

No! The results we discuss here and the methods used to achieve the goal are NOT TYPICAL.

I will tell you why…

Your typical result is…

Nothing, NADA, ZIP.

What happens is, many people read a lot of helpful books or get good, solid advise whether free or paid, but they fail to do anything about it.

Their mind-set is in the wrong mode. They do not want to change their lifestyle and earn the living they deserve, but instead they are trying to stuff as much dead information into their heads until their skulls start hurting.

I can sit in front of a glass of water and analyze it as deeply as I can… BUT…

Will this water end up in my stomach?


What I really have to do, is to pick up the glass and drink it.

So I want you to be among those few people, who CAN ACHIEVE not typical results, and I want you to succeed using these strategies.

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Why do we earn too little even if we work too hard?

We’ve been taught from childhood to believe that in order to earn more money, we have to work harder. This could not be any further from the truth.

In fact, every day, in front of you, you see examples that are quite opposite.

They shatter this belief and leave no place for doubts. However our believes are so deeply entrenched in our minds, that getting rid of them is a challenge.

I would say, the opposite is true and…

The harder you work, the less you get paid. Get this…

The hardest working guys are people employed in factories, car mechanics, coal miners, cashiers and so on.

When they come home from dangerous and annoying jobs, the only energy they have left is enough to crash on the couch and watch TV before passing out.

What do you think they get paid for this job?… Either a minimal wage (if the minimal wage even exists in their country, or maybe slightly above that).

They put their life, health and sanity on the line for these jobs and what do they have to show for it?

Minimal wage.

Yet we try to repeat the same pattern all over again, every day, and as a result we…

Subconsciously care about our product or service more than about the ways of selling it, which is in fact WRONG!

You release a great product or service, make a nice website for it, publish it on the Internet and then expect some visitors to convert to paying customers.

You truly believe your product is awesome. It’s super awesome. In fact, you don’t even understand how could anyone in his sane mind pass up on an opportunity such as this.

Here is how your typical product presentation looks like…

You think your customer is amazed at your super awesomeness, but…

Your potential customer is yawning

He DOES NOT CARE about your awesomeness.

All he cares about, is what’s in it FOR HIM. So you should always, always, always…

Concentrate on the benefit your product GIVES TO HIM, or even benefit of a benefit (meaning what he will gain by having your product) and not on features of your product.

No matter how great your website looks like, your average conversion rate (meaning how many prospects you convert into paying customers) is somewhere between 0.5% and 1%.

This honestly sucks…

I don’t know how you feel about it, but honestly, this makes me sick.

What this means literally, is that you receive only one sale for every 100 – 200 unique visitors coming to your website.

Get this…

99 – 199 people visiting your website, will leave and NEVER RETURN!

You have worked your butt off to bring this traffic to your website. You have been sweating on your product for months and that’s what you get in the end…


Traditional Model

An average product in terms of quality usually gives you 0.5% conversion rate, while the top-quality product may hit the 1% mark, and you have to work on your product really hard to hit this mark.

The obvious thing to do in this situation to get more sales is to improve your product dramatically and bring a lot of unique visitors to your website. Which is of course requires you to do tons of work.

Do not get me wrong, you definitely want to do that as well. More people visiting your website equals more paying customers at the end and better product will also increase your sales.

But what if the conversion rate were higher?

Let’s say 30 times higher?

Would that make any difference?

Duh! Of course, yes!

Your income would jump 30 times up, and your “struggle to survive” company would turn into a gold mine. You would not have to concentrate on doing time-consuming and hard improvement work anymore, you could hire somebody to do this for you…

Heck… you could hire a whole team to help you improve the product, website, process and every aspect of your business…

AND your life would become much, MUCH EASIER!

Now let’s talk about how you can increase conversion rate. You’ve got your visitors on your website, and they are walking around really close, right?

There are tons of reasons why your conversion rate may suck…

It starts with the most obvious one, like… Nobody actually needs that particular product. It does not happen often, especially if you have done a market research prior to creating your product.

It could be a bad sales message, bad website design, sloppy linking or unclear instructions on the home page.

Another reason why they don’t buy a lot is that most of them simply do not fully realize what you are offering. For them, it is just another website with little to no information.

Also, big part of your visitors are not ready to buy now, but would definitely buy later. For now, they are just browsing and looking for a “general solution” to their problem in this area.

Since we are all human beings having 10,000 things to do a day, we all tend to forget what we did 5 minutes ago. This is the reason why your visitors never return to your website after leaving it.

What happens is, people usually have a general pain they want to relief somehow.

They start to look for a solution to their pain, but at the beginning they are gathering information and considering different options rather than buying a product.

Most of them know little to nothing about the field your product operates in, therefore they are in an “education” mode…

They kinda educate themselves about all types of solutions that exist on the market that may be helpful to them in terms of relieving their pain.

Most of them are simply not ready to buy yet. They are not in a buying mood at the time of browsing through your pages.

Imagine yourself coming to a wedding where the bride suddenly starts to sell you a body lotion in the middle of the ceremony. May be you need this lotion and have been looking for it all over, but hey! Who buys that kind of thing on a wedding?

In fact, most of your website visitors are in the “research” and not in the “buy” mode

Depending on how well your website is positioned in search engine results pages, you may catch occasional visitors that have already completed their research and are in the buying mood sitting with their wallets in hands. But the number of these people is very small.

That’s why your “normal” conversion rate is the way it is…

Of course, you can increase your conversion rate slightly by…

Adding more helpful information to your website

Nothing sells better than free stuff! The more free helpful information you have on your website,

the better your chances that your website will be bookmarked.

Bookmarking means returning visitors, eventually converting to paying customers. Also, free information pages on your website give you a better place in search engine results pages and bring more targeted traffic by themselves.

Is there anything more efficient for keeping those prospects and converting other prospects into paying customers?

Yes, there is. You can effectively remind your visitors that they have already visited your website and considered your product by using a mailing list.

Mailing list is one of the most effective tools that can be used to significantly increase conversion rate.

What happens is:

  1. Visitor arrives at your website.
  2. You capture him by using a free offer and get his email address.
  3. You can now send newsletters to him as often as you like.
  4. You have to keep your promise though and fulfill your free offer.
  5. But you are free to remind him about your product in these newsletters.

This is the magic trick. Statistically, a person is much more predisposed to buy something from you after the seventh contact on average.

Some people will need 4, some 10, but on average it will take about 7 contacts for an average subscriber to become ready to buy a product from you.

If you do everything right (and I’ll make sure of that), you will earn the trust from that person, and in his eyes, you will establish yourself as an expert in this field.

And now…

He is now much more likely to buy something from you

Because you are now his friend as opposed to being a complete stranger.

He knows you, and if you’ve done your job well, he’ll be expecting your newsletters eagerly, therefore any “advice” you give him is welcome, even if it’s an advice to buy your product.

But that’s not all. What’s even more amazing is…

You can keep sending your newsletters to him on a regular basis even after he has bought your product. This lets you grab his attention all over again for any complimentary offers.

It means that eventually he may end up paying you 3-4 times of the original value of your product.

So the recipe is very straightforward…

Subscribe as much website visitors to your mailing list as possible. Try to grab attention of everyone. Offer free newsletters with something interesting and useful related to the field your product or service operates in.

Keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis until they convert to paying customers or un-subscribe from your mailing list.

Mailing List Model

The true purpose of a mailing list is to build a database of potential customers, and later convert them to the paying customers. The more people subscribe to your mailing list, the more sales you get as a result.

Your mailing list must offer your visitors a unique opportunity to get something helpful free of charge, otherwise they will not subscribe. Free email courses and advice related to the field your product or service operates in is a good start.

In the next lessons, I will explain how to do context advertising in your email newsletters correctly to keep the conversion rate high.

Do not forget about your website traffic

Mailing lists and newsletters are great, but no matter what marketing model you utilize, web traffic of unique visitors is essential since visitors always eventually convert to paying customers, and only the conversion rate differs.

While implementing the new email marketing strategy, you should keep paying attention to the search engine optimization, link creation, publishing and other sources of traffic to your website including the paid ones.

I promised to give you a FREE 30-day trial version of iMacMailer email marketing software so you could test my tricks on your website while you learn. Here it is (sorry for such a big button :)).